Merofix: Reliable producer of innovative bicycle brackets

Merofix: Reliable producer of innovative bicycle brackets

A company that specializes in bicycle protection and bicycle transport was looking for a manufacturer for their bicycle brackets. This was due to a price increase at their current supplier and because they wanted production closer to home.

The manager briefly explains what a bicycle rack is: “A bicycle rack is a part of a bicycle carrier specifically made for companies. We have racks that can accommodate 5 to 20 bicycles. Each wheel well has two hooks. These hooks are height adjustable and must fit between the fender. The bicycle hook holds the tire.”

Together with Kristof and Koen they looked at the production options and developed some prototypes. After testing the prototypes, they chose Merofix as their new supplier.

The manager quickly noticed that Merofix thinks along with its customers. He tells the following about the production process: “It took about 1 month to develop the perfect hook. There are two corners in the hook. This makes production more difficult. We looked at different methods and compared costs. Ultimately, Merofix developed a mould itself in order to produce the hook quite simply and cost-efficiently.”

“During the collaboration I encountered a new problem: the e-bike became increasingly heavier, which meant that the hook had to be reinforced. Together with Koen we chose to adjust the thickness of the hook as this is the most cost-efficient. From this situation I noticed that they are really very involved and that we were also involved in the development process of the hook”

“As Merofix thinks along with its customers, communicates correctly and responds quickly, this is a sustainable collaboration. In addition, it is simply nice to work with Koen and Kristof!”